Family is everything and the touch of a mother’s hand is priceless.  The Winsor family is adorable.  Mandi and Jason are raising two beautiful and strong willed little girls and boy are they cute!  Their mischievous grins and sparkling eyes are sure to capture your attentions.  Watch out as these two beauties grow up as they will surely have the boys chasing them.

Family photography is among my favorite.  I wish it was something that more families did more often as children grow up so quickly and change.  However I understand the cost of photography and printing can be a struggle.  I hope these lasting moments are priceless for you and your family.

Jason has been a stay at home Dad for the last little while and has been the BEST Mr. Mom you can imagine!  Playing dress up, reading books, playing princess, doing hair, nails, and all the other things that come naturally to a father of girls.  Jason you Rock as the best Dad Ever!

Mandi adores her girls and boy does it show.  She wants nothing more to be a mom and love on her children.  Her eyes fill with emotion when she looks at her girls.  They are such a joy in her life and they amaze her daily with their smiles, giggles, and growing personalities.  Way to go Mandi, you are one hot mom!


I don’t know about you but this photographer has some tricks up her sleeve!  When photographing young children you have to always be ready with something to distract them and keep them occupied.  My camera lens was reflecting on these rocks.  So a spot of light was dancing all around.  It was an easy game to catch Tinkerbell, or try too!  She is super quick and doesn’t want to be caught you know.  These girls giggled and laughed and tried their best to catch her.  Luckily, my camera’s shutter was quick enough to catch a glimpse of her.  As it turns out, this memory of the day became a favorite.  I love to capture the moments that last.  Always beleive, girls.  There is magic where you least expect it.

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