Wedding Photography Packages

There is so much that goes in to a Wedding Photography Package. With each package there comes some custom details to make your day special and exactly what you are looking for. These are the three most popular Wedding Photography Packages. But let’s not stop there, can’t find something that fits your needs? Let’s talk and create a package that works for you.

Our Wedding Pre-shoots are designed to wisk the Bride and Groom away without all the relatives and just capture your love. Typically this pre-shoot is done a day or two before the wedding with a location TBD. It’s a time to relax and let the true smiles shine and for a moment, enjoy each other in the beauty of nature.

Print Package credit comes with every package. Additional prints can be ordered at affordable costs and shipped directly to you if needed.

5x7 ~ $6.00
8x10 ~ $14.00
11x14 ~ $25.00
16x20 ~ $40.00
20x24 ~ $48.00

For Full Photography Coverage choose our Stunning or Glamorous Photography Packages.  This will provide you will full coverage of your wedding and reception with 2 Photographers.  We won’t miss a shot, or an angle of those priceless memories.  These packages also include a Pre-shoot of the Bride and Groom along with custom designed Thank You Postcards to send to your guests.

We are happy to travel for your wedding needs.  Please contact us for more information

Wedding Photography Packages
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