Engagement Photography

Capturing the budding romance of a couple in love.

What a blissful time when you are in Love.  Engagement photo shoots are incredible.  I love watching the happy couple interact with each other and just enjoying the moment.  It’s not difficult to get them to snuggle close and look at each other so lovingly.  What an amazing time to capture.  Engagement photo shoots include multiple changes of clothes and a wide variety of locations where we can capture different moods and looks to please what you are looking for.  I can travel if needs be and willing to work with you on designing your wedding announcement as well.   Let me know how I can make your engagement a priceless memory.

Sam and Courtney Engagements

Just when I think I have a favorite type of photography groups I like, I fall in love with engagement photos.  I love when these couples are so in love, and so focused on their relationships that they completely forget about the photographer even being there!  These...

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Blakley and Desmond Engagements

Blakley and Desmond are a fun playful couple.  I love shooting engagements as it gives me an opportunity to get to know the couple more and see their personalities come out.  Young love is fun to watch and theirs was no exception.  Desmond was incredibly sweet and his...

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Jake and Mailee Engagement

Jake and Mailee are so cute together.  I've known Jake for a number of years and have gotten to know him through his antics.  He has chosen well as Mailee is a beautiful compliment to him.  They were so sweet together but they know how to play and have fun.  Through...

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Melanie and Dalton Engagements

Melanie and Dalton are adorable!  This couple is so perfect for each other and their love is infectious.  They both have a zest for life and a true love for each other.  It was a pleasure to capture these moments for them and I'm excited for their journey together. ...

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Jason/Brianna Proposal

When you receive a phone call from a very nervous boyfriend letting you know he wants to marry his girlfriend and would I freeze time and capture the movement?  I was all over it!  Jason was so nervous, he knew what he wanted, he just didn't know how to exactly pull...

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Jason/Brianna Engagements

To be young and in Love....what a magical time for sure. This couple has been fun to watch over the past few months and see their relationship grow and develop. I've known Jason since he was little and what a handsome young man he has become. His smile can melt your...

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Rozier Engagement Photos

Amanda and Thomas are a quiet shy couple who love each other very much.  They were both a little apprehensive at first, however quickly relaxed and had a good time just being together.  We choose a location by the river and found some great places nestled in the...

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Adrianne/Logan Engagements

These two are simply adorable together!  They have so much love towards each other it just puts a smile on your face to watch them.  They are both 2nd Lieutenants in the US Army and currently stationed in different states.  It was fun to see them together and capture...

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