I felt the pressure on this job, going into this series of shoots I was told all sorts of crazy stories, but mostly that no one liked to corporate, no one wanted to be there, and everyone would have their fair share of things to say, heckle, etc.  I was up for the challenge and honestly, I know that half the battle is just getting people to relax and enjoy their time during the shoot.  It helps of course to know the family more personally and know when I can push them back just a little bit.  It was fun and crazy all wrapped into one.  In the end, after multiple days of shooting, we caught some great memories.

I’m very pleased with how this individual group of pictures turned out.  Scott and Lynn are perfect for each other.  They can play and tease, and buckle down and just have fun.  I was told that they really didn’t have a family picture in any recent history.  So I made it my goal to capture multiple shots that they would be pleased with.

RebeccaGrace_Dansie Family

Most families never take time to get pictures of the husband and wife team.  All energy seems to go into the kids by nature.  Well, I love capturing the couple, to show their love for each other and give them something to look back on years later.  Honestly, it’s the one portrait often forgotten but so priceless. For a moment I got these two to stop with their antics and just relax for a moment.  With the soft light of the sun setting and the golden wheat in the background I captured this moment.  Scott and Lynn are perfect together and I love this photo of the two of them together.

RebeccaGrace_Dansie Family_2

RebeccaGrace_Dansie Family_1

Scott and his daughter Amy have way too much fun playing together.  In the end you can see the love and respect she has for her father.  What a blessing she is in his life.  I had way too many photo’s of these two.  I hope in years to come they will cherish these moments and smile.

RebeccaGrace_Dansie Family_6  RebeccaGrace_Dansie Family_5

RebeccaGrace_Dansie Family_4

Did I mention that Scott likes to tease and play?  He self proclaims that he hates his picture taken, he doesn’t like the outcome of how they turn out. Fortunately, I was able to put energy into a positive direction and allow Scott to play a bit.  It worked out well as I found genuine smiles, and a fun time!

RebeccaGrace_Dansie Family_3  RebeccaGrace_Dansie Family_7

I also love to capture the women of the family together.  What a blessing it is to have the example and role model of a mother in your life.  Lynn is amazing and so kind and their sweet relationship is priceless.

RebeccaGrace_Dansie Family_8

Enjoy the memories!

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