Wow!  What an amazing time!  This was a difficult assignment for me as I have never taken portraits much less family portraits.  After visiting with a friend I received permission to use the location of this great old farm truck.  The fall colors were just about perfect so we had to jump on the opportunity.  The family was willing and understood my lack of experience but were excited none the less.  I quickly found myself taking charge but allowing the children to be kids and goof off a bit.  “Why not” I thought, family photo’s need to reflect how the family truly is.  Of course one of the best moments was when the 9 year old boy actually caught a fish with his hands in the little creek near by.  The look from his father was less than thrilled but the moment was captured and I love it.

Thanks to the Garner family for their patience.  I’m so happy you are excited about these pictures!  It was a fun evening and time for me well spent.

Rebecca Grace_Family Portraits_Fall Leaves_Photography

Rebecca Grace_Kids_Old Truck_Family Portraits

Rebecca Grace_Family Portraits_Photography_Husband and Wife

Rebecca Grace_Family Portraits_Dad and girls_Photography

Rebecca Grace_Dad_Family Portraits_Girls_Photography

Rebecca Grace_Family Portrait_Mom and Boys_Photography

Rebecca Grace_Photography_Family Portraits_Daughter

Rebecca Grace_Family Portraits_A Mother's Touch_B&W

Rebecca Grace, Photography_Parents_Portraits

Rebecca Grace, Photography, Truck, Mom and dad


These are some fun expressions of the shoot….

Rebecca Grace_Photography_Fishing

Rebecca Grace_Photography_Son_Fish

I absolutely love the parents reaction…haha

Rebecca Grace_Family Portraits_Upset_Mom and Dad

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