Group Photography

Priceless memories made one “Snap” at a time!

It is pure joy for me to capture family memories.  I just love getting to know all the members of the family where they are able to interact with each other.  Photo shoots aren’t meant to be boring or even painful.  They are a time to enjoy each others company and build lasting memories for generations to come.  Please contact me if you are interested in a Group Photo Shoot.  I can put together a package for you that meets your needs.  I also offer printing services if needed.

Winsor Family Photos

Family is everything and the touch of a mother's hand is priceless.  The Winsor family is adorable.  Mandi and Jason are raising two beautiful and strong willed little girls and boy are they cute!  Their mischievous grins and sparkling eyes are sure to capture your...

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Ballard Family

When it comes to family photography, there is always an added element of fun.  This mom has her hands full but what an incredible bunch to be proud of.  The laughs never stopped as individually they would strive for attention from the camera.  Always a clown in the...

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Griggs Family

I've watched these girls grow up before my eyes.  Their mom was just a teen when I met her.  Oh how time flies.  Oh how impressed I am to see her as a mother and how beautiful her family is.  Such a joy to play with these girls and capture a few memories.

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Johnson Family

Blessings from heaven when this family moved into the neighborhood.  Everyone needs a friend, someone that just understands you, will be there through thick and thin, to push you along, and get excited about just about anything.  My son and theirs became quick friends...

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Gwilliam Family

I was so excited for this shoot because I just love this family.  They are absolutely incredible and have an outpouring of love for all they come in contact with.  It seems like it took all summer to finally get together but it was well worth the wait.  Their girls...

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Scott Dansie and Family

I felt the pressure on this job, going into this series of shoots I was told all sorts of crazy stories, but mostly that no one liked to corporate, no one wanted to be there, and everyone would have their fair share of things to say, heckle, etc.  I was up for the...

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Large Family Shoot

Summer has sure been busy with so many reunions.  It's incredible to be apart, even for a brief moment in these events.  This family was a riot.  I could not believe how many of the men wanted to tease and joke while taking pictures.  I love it!  This family came from...

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Schuck Family Portraits

It's a pleasure to be able to take a nice family picture for a family and when you add 6 kids to the mix, it takes work.  This family, while visiting Idaho wanted family pictures done as they had not had family pictures done in a very long time.  It was a hot evening...

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The Dansie Women

It didn't take much for the ladies to really enjoy having their pictures taken.  This shoot was planned for the high school girls, and then we just had way too much fun and couldn't leave anyone out!  We found a location in downtown with some gorgeous lines and...

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Dansie Family

The antics of this family kept me laughing over and over.  This family is truly incredible in all that they do.  First off all, let me give a huge shout-out to these men and women who serve to protect in local communities.  In one way or another each of them has...

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