Welcome to my creative outlet….Photography.  From a young age I’ve always been intrigued with photography work.  In fact, at the ripe old age of 12, I had a camera put into my hands and was taught the finer points of film photography.  From there I learned more about printing in a good old fashion dark room.  I spent hours taking worthless pictures of our family dog and flowers only to creatively learn the finer points of exposure through trial and error.  Of course the magic that could be produced in a dark room was fascinating to me.  However, this was an expensive education with the high price of developers and film.  I always vowed to come back to photography someday, someday when I could put the time towards truly capturing a story and creating priceless memories.

It’s been a journey for sure.  What an inspiration my 7th grade teacher was to me.  If he only knew what seed was planted and what became of all his patience, time and mentoring.  Here is to all the educations who take the time to bless the lives of a child.  To plant a seed, to encourage and to inspire, to give of your time and talents for the benefit of another.  What a blessing so many teachers have been in my life.

~Rebecca Grace

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