On Day two of our California Adventure vacation we took some time to visit friends and take in a MLB.  I was spoiled as a kid and went all the time.  It wasn’t that I was a huge baseball fan, but when you grow up in the San Francisco Bay area, you cheer on your boys!  The Oakland A’s had a great fan base growing up and brought a crowd of families, there was never a shortage of memories.  Knowing we would be in town I had to hit up a game and let my own boys experience the sights and smells of a MLB game up close and personal.

With tickets in hand for an evening game, the weather a nice even temperature and seats in the shade, we were ready for some fun.  Our friends suggested we arrive early for batting practice and to just enjoy the moment a bit longer.  As any cheesy mother would do, I bought everyone Oakland A’s Jerseys and made sure I got my favorite seats behind 3rd base.  None of that nose bleed stuff, right up front and personal behind the dugout.  Oh how I loved those games as a kid with my own mother as we would watch a game enjoying a fresh peach shake.  The memories are wonderful.  I wanted to make sure my own boys could experience a small portion of what I had growing up.



The park didn’t fail to produce foot long hot dogs in an array of flavors with toppings galore.  Not going to lie, my dog pretty good!  Who knew if you piled enough bacon and cheese with onions you could actually hide the taste of a dog all together!  haha….


The boys had fun with Amy who joined us on many of our adventures this week.  They chatted and had a great time watching the game.  Of course the highlight of the game was making it on the Jumbo Tron after the first inning!  Whoot Whoot!  Now there is a bucket list item checked off for sure!  It could not have been more perfect.  My Photographer apprentice had the camera and focused in on the Jumbo Tron when the video camera’s came close to shoot us as we CHEERED on our Boys!  GO Oakland!  With a Snap of the camera he captured the moment, perfect in all it’s glory!  What made it even better is the group next to us who also made it on the Jumbo Tron was so excited to be on the big screen they failed to even snap a selfie with their phones.  Their memory forgotten as quickly as it happened.


Of course, who can attend a game and not get autographs???   We were bombarded with a straggling group of children yelling at their favorite players in hopes to catch their eye and get a quick autograph.  I knew time was short and if we were going to accomplish anything, we needed to work together.  Cute kids are great and always get attention, but their voices don’t project over a crowd.  We put Troy to work being the “cute kid” and of course, we all know I can be heard always.  It was magic and soon we had 3 or 4 autographs!  Bucket List Check #2!



Would it be possible to get our hands on a foul ball?   We were ready with gloves in the chance one came our way.  Troy loves the sport of Baseball, and he was anxiously hoping to shag a fly.  Would you believe, with a little luck, he managed to get his hands on a foul ball?  Priceless!


The game was a riot and I loved spending some time with our friends, what made it even better was earlier in the day we went to Zachary’s Pizza for lunch where April met Scott and I (and kids) for lunch.  First, it’s just great pizza.  Hands down.  No comparison.  Second, being in the same room with these 2 again, priceless.  It had been WAY TOO LONG.  Scott, April and I would get into our fair share of mischief growing up but we always seemed to have each others back when needed too.  Childhood friends are the best!  They have known you for a lifetime and still choose to be there.  What more can you ask for?  Definitely needed more time for this lunch date, but the 3 hours we did spend was wonderful.  Let’s do this again and sooner than later, ok?          RebeccaGrace_   RebeccaGrace__1 RebeccaGrace__2


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