Watch out Liberty High School Graduating Class!  It’s pretty incredible to have a cousin your age live by you, even better that they attend your same high school, but to have 3 gorgeous girls who have been raised living by each other, the same age, and graduating the same year from the same high school.  That’s pretty legit!

Kattie, Maddie, and Amy are cousins and Seniors graduating with the Class of 2016 from Liberty High School.  I had a chance to go and see what their high school life is like and capture a few memories to start off their senior year.  These girls have different interests from Band to Drama but found a common core with family.  They are darling together and even find humor when they tag-teamed and threw one in the trash can.  Memories I suppose?  In any case, their smiles are stunning, their sparkle in their eyes are gorgeous, and they of course are family!

Congrats Katie, Maddie and Amy, may this year be full of priceless memories that you cherish for a lifetime!

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