I was so excited for this shoot because I just love this family.  They are absolutely incredible and have an outpouring of love for all they come in contact with.  It seems like it took all summer to finally get together but it was well worth the wait.  Their girls are full of energy and their personalities show through and through.  Here are some favorites.  Take a look and tell me what you think!






RebeccaGrace_GwilliamFamilyThese girls love to dance and their faces beamed with their father twirled, dipped, and let them stand on his toes.  What memories these lucky ladies will have of their father and his love.



RebeccaGrace_GwilliamFamily_3I can completely relate with this dad.  He is totally outnumbered with a house full of girls and I’m sure he loves it as much as I do.  And what gorgeous girls they all are.  This mom is incredible and such an amazing friend.  She has instilled qualities of love, kindness, service, honesty, and faith in her family.  Truly an example.



What shoot would be complete with a little bit of play?!?!  My cheeks hurt from laughing as I watched them chase each other through the field with giggles and laughter.  Such a fun shoot!



There isn’t anything better than a sister!  They teach you life lessons, how to love unconditionally, they are your best friend through thick and thin.  What a blessing it is to have a sister in your life.RebeccaGrace_GwilliamFamily_9





Thank you my dear sweet friends for this opportunity to capture your family!

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