I am a Warrior

When I think of a warrior, I think of olden times with someone carrying a shield and a sword fighting a battle.  I think of the movie Braveheart with Mel Gibson from 1995.  Where he leads the Scottish against the English monarch.  I think of those individuals who fight battles over and over and who eventually come out on top.  Although the road isn’t always easy.  A warrior is someone who never gives up.  Through trials, they grow stronger.  A Warrior doesn’t gather followers but builds leaders.

Our home has been pretty somber the last 2 months since we lost Costner, (read more about Costner here)  okay, somber is putting it mildly.  There have been very few days without tears shed over missing our boy.  We are all a little possessive of his things, not wanting anything to change.  It’s just one of those silent understandings we seem to understand from one another.  There has been little to no talk of getting a new dog other than “Maybe someday”.  Our hearts are just broken.  Brad I think said it best after meeting Finn.  “The house as been empty”.  Maybe a Warrior can pull it back together.

Meet Finn

Finley is a 13 month old  English Cream Golden Retriever. In the US we call these Golden’s “English Cream” because of their natural light coats and that they are bred in Europe. These dogs have been bred to the KC (British Kennel Club) Standard, which includes the light cream coats.  The American Golden Retriever have golden to rust color coats and the AKC (American Kennel Club) does not recognize the cream coats within the American standard.   There are a number of other differences too, but for now, just recognize that American’s and European Nations still disagree on standards within a breed.  haha.

The name “Finley” in Gaelic means Fair Haired Warrior.  Considering where this boy came from, his name fits him perfectly.  He is as creamy fair haired as they come.  A mother from Denmark, a father from Spain, and both champions in Romania with a long heritage and he ends up in our home.  Can you imagine the stories he could tell if he could only talk?

Courage above all things, is the first quality of a Warrior ~ Carl von Clausewitz


Sunday in our home was a whirlwind.  Maybe a Tornado is a better way to describe the events of the day.  Finn’s (human) mom was looking for the prefect home for Finn.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances, he needed a new home.  She had many many offers from breeders to purchase Finn.  He’s gorgeous and his parents are stunning if you hadn’t noticed.  However, she wanted more than a life of just being a stud.  She wanted a family and not just any family.  She wanted him trained, worked, played with and above all, loved.  She wanted him to be part of the family in every way, with car rides, and adventures.  In less than 2 hours from connecting, texting back and forth, Finn was on his way to Idaho.  If you think about that for a minute, he was literally ripped from a home he loved before he could figure out what was going on.  Put in a strangers car to drive 9 hours away.  And eventually be dropped off with new strangers who would become his family.  Talk about courage, a true quality this boy has shown since we got him.  His world has been turned upside down in so many ways.  But as any Warrior would approach a difficult situation, Finn has stepped up to the plate with charm and strength and real courage.

But that’s not all…it was only by chance that a ride was available so perfectly.  The stars aligned in so many ways for this tornado of events to fall info place and make it all work.  There wasn’t much time to really think it all through before it just happened.  So Finn was off on a new adventure with two people who only knows as strangers.  Unfortunately, the car he was in broke down and had to gimped along to a larger town.  So Bill and I jump in the car with the trailer to go rescue them all.  It was a crazy fast trip down to Provo and it flew by!  I can’t believe how quickly we arrived.  I suppose the excitement of meeting Finn could have been part of it.  But I was nervous, scared and a little sick, wondering if this was really going to be “okay”.  They boys had no clue of this new family addition.  I wasn’t sure how this would go over with everyone, especially Brad.  I just never thought it through.

We got home well after 1:00am and all physically and emotional exhausted.  Poor Finn had been in a car for 12 hours.  So we did what any responsible pet owners would do.  We headed to the back yard for a game of soccer!  You got it, it’s a quarter to 2 in the morning, and we are playing soccer with a dog we don’t know as if it were a summer night just hanging out.  It was so much fun!  With barley any light and only being able to whisper as to know wake the neighbors much less our own two sleeping children, we kicked a ball around, trying to get it from Finn as he pounced, and kicked it away from us.  Oh how we laughed and laugh at this crazy boy.


Finn is a happy, full of energy boy.  Now I thought Titan, our Golden we lost 4 years ago, was full of energy and Titan was full of energy.  However, Finn has to be twice as strong as Titan every was.  Let me explain.  The English Cream Goldens have been breed for their muscle structure through their chest and shoulders.  It’s much broader than the American Golden, more defined, and more muscular.  The English Cream Goldens also have larger and stronger rear hip/thigh muscles.  So in essence, this variation of the breed can pull from the front and thrust from the rear which means their strength and power is massive.  Finn doesn’t disappoint when it comes to this sort of brut strength.  He is impressive to say the least.

Monday morning I woke the boys up early and told them I needed to talk to them.  If that doesn’t put anyone on edge I don’t know what does!  Troy was scared he was in trouble.  Brad half asleep.  We then let Finn go to come out to the living room and surprise the boys.  As typical with Dogs, they will shake, and Finn did just that.  You could hear the tags from his collar.  A familiar sound and both boys looked at each other in complete confusion.  And then there was Finn, full of energy ready to meet everyone, with grins and smiles and a powerhouse of energy, he practically leaped into Brads lap.  Troy was silent, completely speechless, not sure if this was real or not.  I had to assure him that Finn was ours.

Day 2 in our home and Finn is relaxing more.  He slept better last night and just seems happier today.  He had his first training lesson and is doing pretty good, all things considering.  Last night when Troy was playing with Finn in the back yard, Brad and I were in the living room.  We quickly heard barking which caught us both off guard.  I laughed and said “Well that’s a new sound!”  Brad smiled and said “yeah it is!”.  Understand that Costner only barked maybe 7 times his entire life, and Titan quickly stopped barking after we got him.  So hearing playful barking for us, was a new thing and made us both sort of laugh.  Overall, he is a toddler and requires constant attention.  He can’t handle being out of sight and even trying for some personal time is a struggle, but he will learn.

Finn has travel courageously to find us.  We didn’t know we needed him, but we have opened our hearts to him.  Let the Adventures of Finn begin, a new chapter in our lives.

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