If you remember the tale of Alice in Wonderland, then you may recall the line “Do You Suppose She is a Wildflower?” The chaos of the movie is brilliant and the individual stories literally running through it is a marvel of experiences. Whenever I think of flowers, I think of this movie and the flower garden scenes with Alice, how each unique flower has a face, a personality, and body like movements with their pedals and leaves that become believable.

On a recent trip to St. Louis and the Missouri Botanical Garden I was able to enjoy the Orchid Festival. Upon arriving I was knocked over with a heavenly scent of exotic flowers. It was then, I quickly found myself in my element with camera in hands looking for a unique perspective to Gods creations.

Orchid Festial 2016 St. Louis
Botanical Garden St Louis Orchid Festibal
St Louis Botanical Garden Orchids

These two little beauties were nestled low to the ground without any other flowers around them. Their crowning pedal hovered over their true beauty. The pouch of an opening looks like a mouth where water can be collected and stored. Above all, this quote fits so perfectly. “Friendship is a Single Soul Living within Two Bodies”. Friendship truly grows deep within your soul joining you to another as your friendship blooms.

I’m continually amazed at how different each of these varieties are. Many with hair like growth growing from the edges of the pedals. They really do take on their own personalities. If you have an opportunity, go and visit the Missouri Botanical Garden and take a look at the Orchid Festival. You won’t be disappointed.

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