Website Rebuild and Design

I’ve been a WordPress user for a number of years and although I “used” it, I was also that type of person who would rather just hire it out and let someone else deal with it. Receiving my bachelors degree in Communication with a focus in Visual Media really challenged me to learn more, apply more, and build bigger. I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with a mentor of mine and gaining new appreciation for what can be built in small business websites. Together we have designed and built a number of sites as well as branching out and building sites for myself and other clients. I absolutely love the challenge of creating a site that you vision.

Devour Dinner

Devour Dinner began as a collaborative effort with my partner Dustin Olsen on a website we called Fresh Chefs.  It has since migrated to a new domain.  The website is built using WordPress and Elegant Themes.  This is ideal for any small business as it allows elements to grow along the way yet still be something an owner can manage once it’s built.  This website is a cooking blog teaching the basics of how to cook in a kitchen using base ingredients to help put flavorful delicious meals together either for yourself, a large group or your family.  This project was a complete website build with many elements of email capturing, recipe plug-ins, social media auto publishing, etc.  The logo for both Devour Dinner and Fresh Chefs was created by myself using Adobe Illustrator.


Backus Realty Tucson Arizona

Backus Realty is based out of Tucson Arizona and had a website that had been neglected.  This project is a re-build from what they had using WordPress and Elegant Themes.  This site also required the use of an IDX MLS Plugin as well as capturing contact information etc.  The website needs to draw from the most current MLS listing in the Tucson area as this realty company focuses on land development and new construction.  As it’s continually developing and changing so are the visual elements.  The first approach was to rebuild the back-end of the site to better utilizing SEO, keywords, and their reach on social media.

The Website for Psych Services Group was a complete website rebuild and a collective effort with my partner Dustin Olsen.  Psych Services Group wanted a website to show more about what they offer in professional counseling services for First Responders.  This group is absolutely amazing at what they do and serve not only the men in blue but all those who risk their lives in the service of others.  This website is powered by WordPress with the use of an Elegant Theme.  Each Clinician has their own page that can be developed at a later point.  Providing resources was key for this group and content information for those in need.  The photo’s are graphic, it’s the unfortunate extreme of what they deal with each and every day.

Rebecca Grace Photo Design

Rebecca Grace Photo Design

It seems in all I do, my own website is the sandbox for everything else. is powered by WordPress using an Elegant Theme with custom CSS and plugins to showcase my skills and my portfolio of work.  All photography, logo, print, and website work is my own creative energy.  At times I have paired with Dustin Olsen to collaborate and work with specific clients as necessary.  Take a look around, I’ve really become a Jack of all Trades to help the Small Business Owner develop and grow their presence on the world wide web.  I absolutely love what I do, I love working with clients to take their vision and create it visually.  Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email, give me a call and let me know what your next visual element is.  I can’t wait to help you with your project goals.

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