Photoshop Guru Award – Photo Retouching Category

The Guru Awards are a special Photoshop contest just for attendees of the Photoshop World design and photography conference, held annually in Las Vegas, NV.   They  were created to honor and recognize the design, photography, retouching, and creativity of our attendees. Since their humble beginnings in 1999, the Guru Awards have now become the most prestigious and coveted awards in the international digital imaging industry.  One winner and two finalist are chosen in each of the 6 categories.

While attending the Photoshop World conference, I was awarded with one of these prestigious and coveted awards in the Photo Retouching Category for my piece, The End of Our Heritage seen below.  This picture was taken during the “Ring of Fire” which happens when the moon passes in front of the sun.  The intense rays of the sun become piercing, it’s not something you can see with your naked eye, but must use protective lens to really see.  In this picture I was able to capture the suns rays as it was drawing you into this old abandoned home.  One can only imagine the heritage that surrounds this homestead property.

The edits and skills used on this piece were done in many layers of Photoshop to bring out the natural depth and  dimension of the sky and textures of the wood.  My personal favorite part of this piece is the melting effect of the sun and the piercing rays that draw you into the story behind this home.  I am very pleased and honored to be chosen for a Guru award.  I am humbled that the professionals of Adobe Photoshop found my work to be Guru worthy.

“The End of Our Heritage”




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