Capri, Italy was breathtaking.  A small island located off the coast of Naples, Italy, takes approx 50 to 80 minutes to reach by boat depending on whether you take a regular ferry or hydrofoil.  The island is most known for it’s citrus specifically lemons and the fragrant smell is wonderful, you can almost taste the sweet bitter flavor of a delicious fresh lemon when you step off the boat. The small harbor is full of boats and it’s fascinating to watch the precision of these captains as they maneuver in and out around other boats.  Truly a wonder they do not collide into one another. Tourism is a major draw to the small island with August brining nearly 20,000 visitors daily.

The main town square is a bustle of activity with people and electronic carts transporting goods throughout the town.  It’s a quaint little place with shops nestled into the mountainside, along a narrow cobblestone path.  The relaxed atmosphere is quickly jolted with the electronic carts that are bringing the days produce, and other goods to the shops as needed.  The street is shared by these carts as well as pedestrians in their efforts to get from place to place.  Sidewalks have not yet made their way to this island and you must continually be on the lookout for vehicles darting quickly from place to place.  Even with all this modern conveniences, Capri still olds and old town feel with the simplicity of life and relaxed good times.  A short walk through the winding streets to the other side of the island brings you to stunning panoramic views of crystal clear waters and incredible views of Faraglioni Rocks, which are a coastal and oceanic rock formation eroded by waves.  These rocks are stunning as they stand proud by the island.  They are known for the blue waters and caves that surround them.  Someday I would love to swim in the Blue Grotto and experience that little slice of heaven.


It was interesting to see a Taxi on the island as many of the streets are far too narrow for a regular sized vehicle.  Only the streets down at sea level could support this sort of transportation.  However, this old classic was too good to not take a picture of.  Can you imagine the ride in this beauty?

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