When young men reach 18 years old in the Mormon religion they can choose to serve a mission for their church.  Jaxon has chosen to serve and has been called to serve the people of New Mexico.  I have watched his young man since he was very little.  His bright eyes and keen smile have always brought joy in my life.  To watch him grow into a strong young man who is eager to serve others and share his testimony is amazing.  His family should be proud of the young man they raised.  He will go far.

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Mormon Missionary_Rebecca Grace
Missionary_Tie_Rebecca Grace
New Mexico_LDS Missionary_Rebecca Grace
Book of Mormon_LDS_Rebecca Grace
Missionary_Rebecca Grace_LDS
LDS Missionary_Rexburg Temple_Rebecca Grace
Missionary_LDS_New Mexico_Book of Mormon_Rebecca Grace
New Mexico_Missionary_LDS_Rebecca Grace
New Mexico_LDS_Missionary_Rebecca Grace
LDS Temple_Wheat_Missionary_Rebecca Grace

When a young man chooses to serve in the Mormon Church, they leave their family and friends for 2 years.  The pay their own way, which most missionaries have worked and saved up their money to be able to serve.  It’s truly a selfless act in which their testimony of Christ shines.  Serve well Elder and Return with Honor.

Choose the Right_CTR_Missionary_Rebecca Grace
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