These two are simply adorable together!  They have so much love towards each other it just puts a smile on your face to watch them.  They are both 2nd Lieutenants in the US Army and currently stationed in different states.  It was fun to see them together and capture these moments for them.  It was a crazy rainy day but for a short window the rain stopped and we were fortunate in a gorgeous location of Wheeler Farms in Utah.  This is a working farm with so much to see and do while you visit, including some gorgeous locations for photography.





RebeccaGrace_Adrianne Belger_HDR

RebeccaGrace_Adrianne Belger__0244

RebeccaGrace_Adrianne Belger__0158

RebeccaGrace_Adrianne Belger__0162_BW

RebeccaGrace_Adrianne Belger__0269

RebeccaGrace_Adrianne Belger__0311_BW

RebeccaGrace_Adrianne Belger__0275  RebeccaGrace_Adrianne Belger__0346

RebeccaGrace_Adrianne Belger__0417

RebeccaGrace_Adrianne Belger__0437

It was a pleasure working with you both!  Enjoy this time in your life and getting to know each other better.

RebeccaGrace_Adrianne Belger__0138

This shot was taken while Adrianne was fixing her hair with her mom.  Logan was admiring the old truck and I captured this quick picture.  Hope you enjoy this one Logan!

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