It’s always fun this time of year to hear the hopes and dreams of friends and family.  Mankind being grateful for the opportunities they do have and the blessings they have received.  This week I focused on just that…the blessings and opportunities I have received and how I am choosing to take those opportunities and make something of it.  I feel like my poor kitchen has turned into my own private studio.  I just wish I could keep things set up because there is so much time involved in the preparation of setting up and then cleaning up.

RebeccaGrace, Macro, Orange, Water Tornado, Fruit

Rebecca Grace, Lemon, Water Splash, Fruit, Photography

Rebecca Grace, Lemon, Macro, Fruit Water Splash, Photography

Rebecca Grace, Fruit Splash, Lime, Photography

Rebecca Grace, Lemon and Limes, Fruit Water Splash

If you remember my Strawberry and Cream Macro Photography from about a year ago, I had to try it again.  This is done with a milk mixture and I actually like it better because I was able to get the shot each time.  I love the Crown Splash from the Blackberry being dropped into the milk.  The other Blackberry was done with the smallest extension tube.  So I suppose, it’s a macro photo.  I love the shadows and light from the side.  The cream looks thick and flowing from the berries.  So good!

Rebecca Grace, Macro Fruit Splash, Blackerry and Cream

Rebecca Grace, Blackberries, Cream,

Of course I couldn’t have a post without some design work too.  This was a quick little design piece but I enjoyed putting it together.  The old saying of “When Life Gives You Lemon’s…Make Lemon-aid” is so true, however it tends to imply that somethings we are given are bitter or tart and not for the liking.  I like to think that “Lemons” are clean and refreshing.   I hope to focus this year on making Lemon-aid and truly working hard to build my skills with everything that I have been taught.

Rebecca Grace, When Life Gives You Lemons, Photography, Design


Back in September when I had the opportunity to attend Photoshop World in Las Vegas I was able to have my portfolio reviewed by Tamara Lackey.  She taught me a number of things but mostly to look at my work and see what doesn’t need to be there.  Clean up my pictures so the focus is on what really matters.  Each of these pictures has layers of edits and trying to enhance and give a better focal point with composition.  Simple tricks that I believe have made a difference in the final photography.

These photo’s are of course a variety of set ups.  I have used macro extension tubes on a number of them however others I used my 18-135mm lens.  Of course all were shot with a Cannon T4i.  Each of these pictures I used an off camera speed light triggered with a remote cowboy trigger and tripod.

When Life Gives You Lemon’s…Make Lemon-Aid!

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